Sunday, July 28, 2013


One of the problems with trying to change almost every part of my life is that it's hard to note progress. At this point, even when I make a change, trying to keep the momentum going AND making more changes is like juggling monkeys that are juggling chainsaws. I feel like everything's equally important, and it leads to really feeling just overwhelmed.

Some of the changes that I've been able to make (flossing) are easier to incorporate, because they're under 10 minutes. But the problem is that while these changes are easy, they don't really make an impact, so they're a bit more difficult to maintain, long term. And the changes that WILL make a big impact, are difficult to find time for, because in my head, everything's equally important, so I end up spending an hour cleaning up, taking out the trash, re-organizing my yarn stash, and basically spinning my wheels for minimally important things, when I could be applying to jobs, making healthier foods, and working out. (Note: I am not saying that cleaning and taking out trash is unimportant, but frankly, I can ask my husband to take out the trash and help clean up, and my yarn stash's organization probably doesn't matter, as long as I check it monthly for signs of infestation).

So this week, after almost crying at knit night, I took a hard look at my to do list. I realized two things. First off, unless I find a rip in the time/space continuum or learn how to thrive on 5 hours of sleep a night, I will never get everything done. Secondly, not all things are equally important. Frankly, working out and submitting applications to find a better job (or just a shorter commute) will have a bigger impact on me than finishing another book on my list, working on conjugating French verbs, or knitting another 10 rows on a project (My commute is about an hour and a half each way. While the majority of this takes place on the train, I still can't really do whatever I want. Finding a shorter commute would be HUGE).

I re-did my list, assuming that I only get 2 hours per weekday in which to get things done, and seriously considered how important each thing on the list was. Some things (learning French) were completely dropped, others (knitting--not on the train) were kept, but listed as bonuses, meaning that I have to get other things done.

Today I am applying to jobs (I finished updating my resume yesterday), having a workout, packing up for the move, and planning/prepping the weeks menu. I already made a Giant Pot of Tea.

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