Thursday, July 25, 2013


It's been so long since I wrote a post that I wondered if I should start a new blog, but frankly, I didn't/couldn't think of a new blog name, so I'm back.

But I've gained weight since I got married, and previous back issues started flaring, and my love of sugar has really become a problem (unless bags of jellybeans have started eating themselves). So right now, I'd like to lose 10-ish pounds, or at least fit into my pants from a year ago.

I also am *not* where I want to be, in any sense, and need some accountability (and as wonderful as my husband is, he does NOT need to be a party to my neurotic ramblings about *stuff*, which are pretty much blog posts, and after my boderline losing it a knit night (I almost cried because my WIP wasn't behaving). So I decided to re-start this blog, partly because I needed some sort of accountability, if only to the internet, and also because it felt right.

One of my sisters recently gave me her set of the Insanity DVDs because she hated them, and for whatever reason, they match my personality, so I'm doing my best to get through them. However, my diet is really not where it should be, and I've been feeling borderline sick (probably because I'm returning to working out). Next week is when I cut out most of the refined carbs. 

I'll also be posting more about my forays into hair and makeup and crafting....

We'll see how this goes.

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