Saturday, August 3, 2013

Quality over Quantity

This past week, I've been working on building momentum and checking things off my (revised) to-do list. I've been modestly successful---things are packed, I have worked out, and I haven't felt completely overwhelmed, to the point where the sheer amount of things I have to do is so much that it destroys my motivation just by existing.

I've also been trying to focus on quality over quantity--1 really good workout where I'm an exhausted, sweaty heap is probably better than 2 stationary bike rides where I hate it and I'm watching TV, and not working very hard at all. I'm trying to let go of setting aside larger chunks of time to clean and pack and focusing more on cleaning as I go about my day (I did clean for an hour, but I've been capping any "cleaning time" at an hour, because that's when I start hitting diminishing returns).

I've focused on "big shifts" in working out, and smaller changes for the rest of my goals. So far, it's working. I'm having a bit more energy and sleeping better. I also made it a rule that I couldn't sit down when I got home until my workout was finished, which means that I'm working out as soon as I get home. The only problem is that, on really bad days (when I'm in a super-negative mood), I do a second Insanity workout. In one way, it works, because the workouts reduce me to a sweaty exhausted heap, and I've stopped thinking about whatever it was that made me upset. On the other hand, I'm an exhausted, mindless drone for the rest of the night. I'm looking at the glass as being half full, in that it's getting me out of my negativity, flooding my brain with endorphins, and getting me to bed earlier.

I've had good results so far--I've made tangible progress cleaning, packing, and applying to jobs (I have an interview on Monday, and the position feels like it would be a good fit for me). I've also lost a little over a pound this week.

This weekend is a little crazy for me, but as long as I don't spend too much time sitting around in my pajama pants, I should be able to get everything done.

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