Sunday, October 27, 2013

Still in the "prep" phase

My 30 days is over halfway done, although to be honest, I may push the whole 30 into a whole 45 or a whole 60. I feel loads better than I did before I started this plan, but I haven't put in tons of effort; I'm still eating lots of fruit and nut butter (I'm keeping it to one serving of each a day), and craving carbs. This weekend required a lot of willpower not to demolish the Halloween candy.

I'm going to join a gym on my way home from work tomorrow, and scope out how crowded the gym is on a Monday (typically gyms are most crowded on Mondays, because people want to start the week off right, then lose interest as the week goes one. Essentially Monday is the January of the days of the week). Then I'm going to go home an prep my meals for class and get ahead on my homework.

On Thursday, after running errands, I plan on going to the gym and starting and actual workout plan. On my days off from the gym, I'm going to do yoga, in addition to assembling my meals for the day after, cleaning, and doing homework.

I also plan on starting to make my own nut butters. We'll see how much I can get done.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Slow Progress

Today is my tenth day of the Whole30, and if this timeline is at all accurate, the next week could be the most challenging week. And so far, the timeline has been accurate (I'm counting it as a good thing that my husband's work schedule took him away from home this past week, because day 4-5 and day 6 were "kill all the things" days), so I'm a bit nervous about the next week.

But I've committed. Everyone knows that I'm doing it. I've been feeling better, and the discipline from eating in a manner that complies with the plan is spilling over into all areas of my life. I'm developing overall healthier habits. I'm actually debating extending this into a Whole 60, because then I can get through this semester with energy, and hopefully create a regular exercise plan.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

So much to do

Work, school and unpacking have been keeping me super-busy. I'm ready to make a bonfire in the backyard with everything that's still waiting to be unpacked. That being said, a big hurdle to still unpacking stems from the fact that the house we bought is dirty.

It's not dirty in the gag-inducing the bugs/rodents/mold way, it's just that the former owners didn't really do any deep cleaning, and I suspect that in the last few years that they lived here, the house became too much to keep up with. Also, once they the house was under contract, it's likely that they stopped actually cleaning (which is exactly what happened to my apartment when our offer was accepted), so before we can unpack, we've had to deep clean every room, closet, cabinet and shelf. It's been daunting, but we're in the home stretch.

I've been struggling to stay healthy: my eating, exercise, and sleep have all been just awful, and it's spilling over into everything. I've gone to bed with makeup on, procrastinated freaking everything, and generally feeling very much like Gollum.

So, after about 6 weeks of feeling like I'm failing at being a home-owning adult (who works full time and is taking 2 classes), and running out of positives to focus on (Gollum didn't focus on the positivity in *his* life), I'm taking advantage of fall break (no 15 hour days this week!) and actively changing what I'm doing.

I'm in Day 2 of the whole 30. Duck fat is rendering on my stove. We bought a food vacumn sealer, and are freezing chicken soup (not linking to a recipe, because it's chicken soup.), this beef stew, duck breasts, and whatever else on my list that I get through tomorrow, although I'm going to finish my taxation homework, and one of my 2 intermediate accounting projects. I do think I'll be able to at least make mayonnaise, sweet potato hash, some kind of egg bake thing that I'll just wing, and this soup (although I couldn't find whole 30 approved sausage, so my version will just be balls of ground pork instead of sausage) . I also made pureed parsnips and boiled beets. We're working down a backlog of CSA box veggies that are still good, so doing the whole 30 will help me eat the stuff that's in the fridge (although I will never like kale). I'm going to ask my husband to grill me some turkey burgers, so I can microwave them at work, and eat them wrapped in lettuce, with tomatoes and avocado, and sweet potato fries with aoli (which I will make,I'm not sure what recipe I'll use).

I'm also actually cooking in the kitchen, which I haven't really had time for. Usually my husband and I decide on a meal the day of, so cooking this much in advance isn't really normal. I'm hoping that the stuff that I've made this week and frozen will make for quick meals when I'm starving NOW. My whole 30 started a day after I'd planned, because the cashews I ate to stop from feeling dizzy (because I didn't eat enough) were roasted in peanut oil, which is not whole 30 compliant, so I'm working on pulling together snacks, and make meals that I actually want to eat, and not just putting ground beef on spinach.