Sunday, October 27, 2013

Still in the "prep" phase

My 30 days is over halfway done, although to be honest, I may push the whole 30 into a whole 45 or a whole 60. I feel loads better than I did before I started this plan, but I haven't put in tons of effort; I'm still eating lots of fruit and nut butter (I'm keeping it to one serving of each a day), and craving carbs. This weekend required a lot of willpower not to demolish the Halloween candy.

I'm going to join a gym on my way home from work tomorrow, and scope out how crowded the gym is on a Monday (typically gyms are most crowded on Mondays, because people want to start the week off right, then lose interest as the week goes one. Essentially Monday is the January of the days of the week). Then I'm going to go home an prep my meals for class and get ahead on my homework.

On Thursday, after running errands, I plan on going to the gym and starting and actual workout plan. On my days off from the gym, I'm going to do yoga, in addition to assembling my meals for the day after, cleaning, and doing homework.

I also plan on starting to make my own nut butters. We'll see how much I can get done.

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